"Stay Still, Squeaky!": interactive accessible audio eBook.

"A book that responds to touch with audio feedback, while teaching basic iPad skills. And did I mention it's designed specifically for kids who are blind or low vision?"
- Editor Wonderbaby dot org

The Ballyland eBook is the perfect first introduction to touch screen interaction for children who are blind or visually impaired. To enjoy this interactive story, they only need to use two simple, ‘informal’ gestures: touch and swipe.

This fun story is carried by the high quality audio (narration, sound effects, soundscapes and song), which is complemented with graphics in bright colours and strong contrast. Squeaky, the bouncy ball, tries really hard to stay clean for a visit to his grandmother. However, as the children are encouraged to interact with the story via the touch screen, Squeaky gets more and more dirty...

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An iPad showing the cover of the book with Squeaky and his mother

After the success of the Ballyland software for PC and Mac computers, which teaches children foundation keyboarding and computer skills, the Ballyland eBook aims to enable children to experience a playful, easy introduction to touch screen technology and basic gestures.

"Stay Still, Squeaky!" is made with Pubcoder

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Stay Still, Squeaky!” was shortlisted as finalist in the ‘Most Accessible Children’s App’ category of the 2015 ‘Apps for All Challenge’ awards, by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN). The Apps For All Challenge is Australia's only competition that awards the most accessible smartphone and tablet apps.

Young boy is eager to join his older brother, who is blind, in swiping the pages on his iPad

Two girl playing Squeaky on an iPad