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I want to thank you for this wonderful app. The app has helped and continues to help so many students (and teachers). I present nationally on iOS accessibility for teachers and for orientation and mobility specialists. I am always excited to be able to share quality apps that will benefit our students with visual impairments and blindness!

Diane Brauner, educational accessibility consultant, working with Perkins School for the Blind to create and manage the Paths to Technology website

Students love learning with Ballyland

Our teachers with our step into kinder/preps and junior school students use it here at Insight and love it!

Timothy Hemphill, Principal, Insigh Education Centre for the Blind and Vision Impaired, Vic, Australia

VoiceOver user likes how the app appeals to his son

I’ve played with the app, and I think that you did a wonderful job simulating the way VoiceOver works. I would think the kids would get the idea very quickly. My son had a go. He is 10, and he actually knows a bit about VoiceOver (because I always use it). He’s one of the few sighted people I know who can actually almost use an iPad with VoiceOver on. But having said that, he followed along with it, and learned a lot more. He found it very interesting.

Steve Sparrow

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It is brilliant

My son who is blind, is in year 1. I needed to help him very little with the app. Really only the spatial awareness on the screen, which is what the program is also teaching him. I think it is brilliant and he was engaged the whole time.

Thankful mother

Teaching children how to use VoiceOver gestures

Interesting concept for teaching young children how to use VoiceOver gestures: 1 finger flick left and right, 1 finger double tap and 3 finger flick left or right: by getting a number of characters to rehearse and put on a magic show.

iSee - David Woodbridge Technology Blog

Improved through the feedback of the app

This young boy who is blind started off with a heavy, exaggerated double tap. The app is so useful because it offers the opportunity to use trial and error and adapt his motor performance, which visibly improved through the feedback of the app.

Occupational Therapist (VI)


The Tap-tap song is a real "Wow-factor" of the app

Assistive Technology teacher


I like how Scene 1, level 4, flows and builds up speed.


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