Gestures for blind educators

The Ballyland Magic app uses self-voicing menus, which provide spoken feedback to assist with navigation. If you open the app with VoiceOver turned ON, you are requested to turn OFF VoiceOver when instructed, to avoid mingling of voices.

You will hear:
  • In the self-voicing menus you can flick right/left through the menu items, and double tap to open.
  • When you want to leave the app, turn VoiceOver on again and double click the Home button to close the app
  • After you next turn off Voice-Over, swipe up or down, to turn the self-voicing menus on or off
  • Or to hear this text again, do a flick gesture up, with two fingers
  • Turn VoiceOver off now (and swipe left at the bottom of the screen).

Download the short instructions that are displayed on the screen of each level:

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