Ballyland offers a safe environment for children to explore the computer keyboard. In order to understand what the keyboard is made up of, and where the keys are, a child who is blind has to carefully build up an overview from the details, one key at a time. Randomly pressing keys would make it impossible to find the same key again.

This video demonstrates how six year old Hayden, who is blind, in his first ever computer experience ‘maps’ the keyboard in a very structured, and confident way.

He first presses the key in the top right corner, which is the Delete key, and makes the sound of laughing. He then presses the key directly below that, and repeats that when prompted about the sound. Then he presses the key in the top left corner of the keyboard (Escape key which is the signature sound of Babballoony). He presses that again, followed by the key directly below that (frog). Then he returns to the key in the top right corner again, and the one directly below that, and the one below that (eating crisps). He finds the Spacebar – which is by far the easiest key, because of its different shape and size, and which produces the signature sound of Ballicopter - , and then he tries the bottom left corner.

He maps and memorizes the keys, and – when prompted – is able to find the same key (sound) again.

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