Key Game 5: Wheelie likes it loud

Screenshot of Squeaky and Wheelie.

Find Wheelie's key on the keyboard (Right arrow key).
This is the only active key in this game.
Pressing the Right arrow key formally means: make the sound louder, move forward, move to the right.
You start this game from where Squeaky is.
Wheelie loves loud noise. Every time you press Wheelie's key, the music gets louder.
Press the key until you reach Wheelie.
You will hear "hurray!" when you have arrived.
Then the game starts again.

Tips Wheelie's Key Game

  1. If the child wears stereo headphones, he or she will hear the sound move to the right when pressing Wheelie's key
  2. Discuss what happens with the sound, how does it change?
  3. Discuss the concept of direction and movement.

Extra learning opportunities

Let the child…

  • try to hear which instruments appear one by one
  • learn about volume, and how the sound of an object or a person gets louder as you come closer.

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