Key Game 5: Wheelie likes it loud

Find Wheelie's key on the keyboard (Right arrow key).
This is the only active key in this game.
Pressing the Right arrow key formally means: make the sound louder, move forward, move to the right.
In future formal keyboard navigation arrow keys (right and left) are used for instance in reading text with a screenreader (next character/word/page, prior character/word/page,) to move to the right and left through a series of items, or to turn audio volume up and down.

Read this to the child:

You start this game from where Squeaky is.
Wheelie loves loud noise. Every time you press Wheelie's key, the music gets louder.
Press the key until you reach Wheelie.
You will hear "hurray!" when you have arrived.
Then the game starts again.


Extra learning opportunities

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