Key Game 3: Tinkleball opens doors

Find Tinkleball's key on the keyboard (Enter key).
This is the only active key in this game.
Pressing the Enter key formally means: Yes, OK, select; Enter!
When the child starts using a screenreader, linknames will be read out and based on the spoken information, the child will then decide whether or not to press Enter to follow the link. Enter is used in formal navigation to confirm a selection.

Read this to the child:

Tinkleball rolls around Ballyland.
She stops when she comes to a door, and then knocks on the door.
Listen carefully so that you hear what is behind the door.
Press Tinkleball's key (Enter) if you want the door to open.
If you decide not to press, or if you press the key too late, Tinkleball will continue to roll until she comes to the next door.
You can play as long as you like.


In the Settings you can set how fast Tinkleball moves, and how many seconds to wait before you hear the "knock-knock" again.


It is important to listen first, and then decide whether to open the door or not. Note that the Enter key will remain inactive until the information has been given what is behind the door.

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