The Sun Game

This is the Finale. Recapitulate while the sun sets over Ballyland.

Help the child step by step with the following:

You have now learned five important keys. They all return in the Sun game, which consists of a mini version of each of the Key Games.

  1. Spacebar (Ballicopter's key)
  2. Escape (Babballoony's key)
  3. Enter (Tinkleball's key)
  4. Right arrow (Wheelie's key)
  5. Left arrow (Squeaky's key).

Listen carefully to the story and press the correct keys when asked to do so.
Keep trying until you find the correct key.
Perhaps you need help the first time, but as you learn more of the Ballylanders' keys, you will be able to do this game better and better.
Don't forget to listen to the Sun Song, and enjoy this great Finale to your play experience in Ballyland.


Lyrics Sun Song (Grand Finale)

It is time
The Sun has set
But our story
Doesn’t end

In our basket
We will wait
Till you come back
To Ballyland

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