Shortkeys for blind educators

These are specific instructions on the accessibility of this program for people who are blind, and who support children to play Ballyland.

Ballyland is completely self-voicing.
Please turn your screen reader off to avoid interference.
Menu and Settings control panel are fully accessible.

In the main menu, use the Tab key to navigate between buttons, and press Enter to select the level of your choice.

Ballyland general Shortkeys

Press Shift + S to go to Settings. If you press Shift + S inside a game, you will get to the specific Settings for that game. If you press Shift + S from the Main Menu, you will get to the General Settings.
Inside Settings, press Shift + I to listen to the spoken Instructions. So to listen to instructions, always go to the Settings first.
Press Shift + K to return from the Settings to the game.
Press Shift + M to return to the main menu.
Press Shift + Q, to quit Ballyland.
To cancel Quit, press Escape, to confirm, press Enter.

Any Key Goes colour control panel Shortkeys

In the Settings of Any Key Goes, you can turn on manual colours, to enable adjusting the automatic, standard colours and contrast of the images to suit special needs.
The default setting is: manual colours “off”.
Press plus to turn it on. Pressing minus will reset the images to the default standard colours.

Press plus to turn manual colours on, then click Shift + C to proceed to the colour control panel to adjust the colours.
To adjust the colour of the outline, press o.
To adjust the colour of the filling, press f.
To adjust the colour of the background, press b.
Tab through the colours and press Enter to select the colour of your choice.
To go back to the Settings, press Shift + S.
To reset the images to the automatic standard colours, press minus.
To return to the game with applied adjusted colours, press Shift + K

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