Quick Start

Any Key Goes

Press any key, for sounds, stories and songs.

Keygame 1: Ballicopter flies

Press Spacebar to make Ballicopter land and take off again.
Listen out for the duck.

Keygame 2: Babballoony on the train

When the train stops, press the Escape key on time, to let Babballoony get off the train.

Keygame 3: Tinkleball opens doors

Press the Enter key if you want the door to open.

Keygame 4: Squeaky prefers quiet

Press Left arrow key to bring down the music, until you reach Squeaky.

Keygame 5: Wheelie likes it loud

Press Right arrow key to add to the music, until you reach Wheelie.

Keygame 6: Squeaky and Wheelie battle it out

Use the Right and Left arrow keys to move around this game.

The Sun Game

Use the five keys that you learned in the Keygames.
At the end, listen to the song!

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