Key Games

In each Key Game one special key is introduced at a time, while all other keys on the keyboard have been disabled.
It is important to note that in the Key Games, the Ballylanders' keys are used in their formal function, as Escape key, Spacebar, Enter key, right Arrowkey and left Arrowkey.
Through playing the Key Games, the child is introduced in a playful way to how these particular keys' function in a formal computer environment, as specified in each Key Game below.

Tips Key games:

  • The keys that are used in the Key Games are the same keys that in the "Any Key Goes" Entry Level correspond with the signature sounds of the five Ballylanders. Taking the child back to the sounds from the Entry level will assist with locating and memorising where each Ballylander's key is on the keyboard
  • It depends on the child's development, skills and understanding whether you should use the Ballylanders' names, or the real names to address the five special keys.
  • To play with Single Switch, set the switch to mimic the one key that is used in each Key game

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