General instructions

Special Features

  • Self-voicing
  • Audio based gameplay, supported by simple graphics and animations (no literacy skills required)
  • Storylines with meaningful sounds and familiar situations
  • Association with real life play objects
  • Sound enhancement via headset (optional)
  • Supportive audio feedback
  • Menu and Settings control panel accessible
  • for users who are blind
  • Flash Zoom function for children with low vision
  • Adjustable colours and contrast of all images in Any Key Goes
  • Spoken description of each sound(effect) in Any Key Goes
  • Switch accessible Key games

What does Ballyland support

  • Experiential learning
  • Active play
  • Early keyboard awareness
  • Preliminary keyboarding skills
  • Development of the concept of Cause & Effect
  • Spatial awareness and 'mapping'
  • Fine motor skills
  • Listening skills
  • Sorting
  • Matching
  • Early literacy and numeracy skills
  • Sound interpretation
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Creativity
  • Orientation
  • Emotional development
  • Understanding the world
  • Free exploration
  • Social interaction

General Tips

  • Ballyland was designed for use with a standard English language QWERTY keyboard. Other keyboard types and language versions, as well as extra and alternative keys or control buttons, may respond differently and produce different sounds than listed below, produce no sound at all, or execute an action. Sonokids strongly advises users of different keyboards to check the keys' responses before the child starts to play
  • When playing Ballyland on a laptop, the child may accidentally hit the touch-pad or touchpad buttons which may cause unwanted interference with the keyboard's functioning. You can cover the touchpad by sticking a piece of cardboard over it. To technically disable the touchpad on your laptop, please check your laptop manual or follow online instructions
  • Introduce the child to different types of balls, with different textures and sounds, before playing Ballyland.

Intro song

Warm and gentle
a basket in the sun
opens to a land of stories
songs and fun

Where nothing moved
a world has come alive
Where all was quiet
sounds you know and like arrive

Ballyland Ballyland
The key to it is in your hand
Ballyland Ballyland
Come and play, my friend

© 2013 Sonokids

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