Instructions using Ballyland with children who have vision impairment


Any Key Goes was designed to enable the child to play independently. All standard functions of the keys are disabled, and now all they do is to produce sounds and images, or mini animations.
The Key Games use only one key at a time, with all other keys disabled. Key Games are advised to be played under supervision and with support from a parent/carer/teacher.

Accessibility and Usability

Ballyland's Inclusive Design and adjustable Settings ensure that all children can share this play experience together - on a level playing field - including children with disabilities.

Ballyland is the first specifically designed program to enable very young children who are blind to safely and independently explore and play on a computer keyboard, and to develop foundation technology skills in the process. Note: although Ballyland's design specifically supports keyboard learning , the five Key games can be played via single switch.


Ballyland supports

General Tips

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