Key Game 1: Ballicopter flies

Find Ballicopter's key on the keyboard (Spacebar). This is the only active key in this game.
Pressing Spacebar formally means: toggle on/off; stop - go - stop - go etc. In future formal keyboard navigation - for instance with Windows keystrokes for Dialog boxes, the child will use Spacebar to check/uncheck a check-box in a menu, select or deselect, and toggle Jaws screenreader speech on and off.

Read this to the child:

When the game starts, Ballicopter flies high up in the sky over the fields of Ballyland.
Press Ballicopter's key to make him land.
Press Ballicopter's key again to let him take off again.
Listen out for the animals that meet him when he lands.
If you are in luck, you will hear the duck.
The game will be different every time you play it.


In the Settings you can set how fast Ballicopter moves.


Extra learning opportunities

Let the child…

  • enjoy listening to the animals that Ballicopter meets when he lands
  • try to recognise the animal sounds
  • try to find as many ducks as possible (and count them)
  • predict which animal will be there.
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