Key Game 2: Babballoony
on the train

Find Babballoony's key on the keyboard (Esc key).
This is the only active key in this game.
Pressing the Escape key formally means: cancel, quit, exit; leave the train.
In future formal keyboard navigation, for instance in DOS and Windows environments, pressing the Escape key usually cancels or aborts the current operation.

Read this to the child:

Babballoony goes on a train ride.
The train pauses at every station.
When the train has come to a complete stop, you can press Babballoony's key.
By pressing Babballoony's key on time, he will get off the train.
A new ride will start automatically.
If you prefer not to press the key this time, or if you press too late, Babballoony will continue his train ride.
The train runs in a loop and you can play as long as you like.


In the Settings you can adjust the amount of time the Escape key is enabled at a station, giving the child more time to press the key to make Babballoony exit the train.


Extra learning opportunities

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