Any Key Goes

Press any key, for sounds, stories and songs.
This level is specifically designed to put the child in control and to enable him or her to play independently, explore, have fun, and learn.
The keys open up a world of sounds, stories, music and songs. Every child will recognise familiar situations and enjoy the funny and surprising sound effects and animations.
Key-strokes only produce sounds and images, or mini animations. Active play is encouraged via audio feedback.

Categories of sounds/images are made to correspond with categories of keys in order to support young children who are blind or have low vision in their efforts to 'map' the computer keyboard without sight, and to discover a structure in the keys.

The categories are:

  1. Numbers = Stories and songs
  2. Letters = sounds from in and around the house
  3. Punctuation = animals
  4. F keys (F1 - F12) = musical instruments
  5. Other Function keys = human sounds
  6. Special keys (Spacebar, Escape, Enter and the right Arrow and left Arrow keys (special sounds) = Five Ballylanders

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