Ballicopter's Key Game

Five so-called Key Games each introduce one single key. These keys, the Spacebar, Escape key, Enter key, Left and Right Arrow keys, are the building blocks for future keyboarding skills and formal computer navigation.

In Ballicopter’s Key Game only the Spacebar is active. All other keys are disabled. Pressing Spacebar once, makes Ballicopter land. Pressing again, makes him take off again. When he lands – in high grass which makes it impossible to rely on visual clues – you can hear what animal is there. The goal is to find the duck.

This video demonstrates how nine year old Natalija, who is blind and is a more experienced computer user, plays Ballicopter’s Key Game. She presses the Spacebar and responds to the sounds she hears every time Ballicopter lands. Her joy at finding the duck speaks for itself.

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