Welcome to Ballyland

Inclusive Design:

Sonokids’ Ballyland resources are attractive and engaging for all children. They also provide specific support and high level accessibility and usability for children with special needs, in particular those who are blind or have low vision.

Fun and educational:

Children can play and learn together. While having fun, they develop early technology skills as well as other important skills. Ballyland resources can be easily tied in with real-life activities and curriculum, and can be shared and enjoyed regardless of a disability. Ballyland empowers children.

Ballyland for desktop and laptop computers with keyboard

Ballyland’s Any Key Goes software program for desktop and laptop computers introduces young children to early, foundation keyboarding skills on a standard QWERTY keyboard. These skills are important for future use of assistive technology. In the world of the Ballylanders, the keys form a landscape filled with stories, songs and sounds, which the child can explore and enjoy.

Ballyland for iPad and Android mobile devices

Ballyland’s interactive, audio eBook “Stay Still, Squeaky!” is a fun introduction to mobile touch screen devices and basic gestures. No vision is required to enjoy this interactive eBook which is carried by the narration, soundscapes, song and sound effects. As the child is encouraged to interact with the story via the touch screen, Squeaky gets more and more dirty...

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